Insight into Hot Shot Trucking

Many professional truck drivers prefer to haul large and heavy loads or handle expedited deliveries. Most agree there is a challenge in this, which makes the job fun and exciting but at the same time, rewarding in knowing that a customer’s difficult freight shipment was delivered as promised.

Because jobs that trucking companies take, this is not the career for everyone but for some, it offers the perfect career. A perfect example of hot shot drivers is seen on the television show, “Ice Road Truckers”. Several teams of men and even one woman, race to secure contracts and deliver massive loads over impossible routes to include muddy, rutted roads and over frozen lakes and parts of the ocean.

For these people and others who work for hot shot trucking companies, it is the combination of helping the customer along with being an adrenaline junkie. Simply put, hot shot truckers love to push the envelope, often facing disaster straight in the face.

Conventional Trucking Companies

Conventional companies to include ours, MGA International Logistics, are not hot shot trucking company although our logistics team and drivers do go out of their way to ensure a satisfied customer. Although we do not have drivers going over frozen lakes nor do we take unnecessary risks, you have confidence in receiving top service by a professional and dedicated team.

As a more conventional company compared to true hot shot trucking companies, we still offer many of the same services and use much the same equipment. For example, if you need freight expedited for an upcoming trade show, sporting event, store opening, or construction build, our drivers will follow the appropriate routes to make sure your delivery arrives as scheduled.

We also use trucks just like hot shot trucking companies although ours are not pushed to the limit. At MGA International Logistics, we have a full fleet of different trucks, used according to the type, size, and weight of the cargo. Of the different trucks that our drivers use, flatbeds are without doubt the most popular and in-demand.

For your cargo, you may want to hire a company like ours and leave the hot shot trucking companies on television. After seeing a hot shot team in action, you will understand why.

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