Intermodal Transport: What Is It?

The world’s economies frequently involve a vendor or company shipping their goods to their clients, whether they be business-to-business transactions or direct customer deliveries. For shipments of large cargo that need to remain safe, intermodal transport is an option. Intermodal transport utilizes countries’ existing transportation infrastructure to keep shipping costs low and to make the shipping process simpler for the shipping company. MGA International is an experienced local trucking company that can provide superior intermodal transport services on an international scale.

The Definition of “Intermodal Transport”

Intermodal transport is the act of shipping cargo or goods in the same singular container from the source to the destination. The container can be moved via multiple types of transportation, though trains and trucks are the most common vehicles used for intermodal transport.

Benefits of Intermodal Transport

Intermodal transport is often the most economical method when it comes to the shipping of goods. This is because planned usage of trains and trucks have lower costs associated with them than airplanes and cargo boats. Intermodal shipping is also safer for the cargo. Keeping the cargo in the same shipping container reduces the chances of damage due to handling. Also, trains operate on fixed lines, lowering the chances of vehicular accidents. Intermodal transport is also convenient for the shipper. In addition to only dealing with one bill of lading, the shipper can take advantage of the speed and reliability of their country’s rail systems. Generally speaking, intermodal transport is best suited for shipping distances over 500 miles, cargo with intermediate value, cargo that is 25 tons or lighter, or for cargo shipments that are performed routinely.

Best Practices for Intermodal Transport

The shipper should take care when packing their cargo. Though having the cargo remain in the same container lowers the chances of damage, the container will be moved and shifted frequently, so the cargo needs to be sufficiently padded or secured. Intermodal transport also requires a solid grasp of train schedules to ensure that the cargo arrives at the destination by the agreed-upon deadline. And choosing a trusted, reviewed provider to ship the cargo is essential; experienced organizations with multiple positive reviews are optimal picks for intermodal transport.

MGA International has a network of premier local trucking companies in the USA ̶ including Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and many more ̶ providing shipping logistics and services for international shipments. We perform a variety of cargo management services such as logistics (including warehousing and storage), shipping cargo ranging from less-than-truckload (LTL) to heavy shipping, and express shipping. We pride ourselves on making commitments we can keep, and on meeting or exceeding customer expectations. New and current customers can access our contact page to estimate shipping times, subscribe to our email list, submit questions, and request price quotes. We can also be reached via phone at (844) 334-0039.


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