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Single drivers can travel approximately 500 miles per day, team drivers available upon request

International freight shipping, and overnight freight services are all part of MGA’s freight forwarding services. Whenever you need an International freight forwarder on the North American continent, give MGA a call and your problems will suddenly disappear.

While handling and shipping your valuable goods, MGA is a proven and trusted international freight shipping company because we focus on safe and reliable transportation as our main priority. Since MGA International operates in Toronto, Ontario as an international freight forwarder and a freight shipping company throughout Canada and the US, we are proud to get your truck load, or less than truckload (LTL) to its destination.  If your needs are rush, we can expedite overnight, by using our expedited team service. We offer freight services across Illinois, NJ, Ohio and all-over North America.

We rank among the top international freight forwarders and freight companies with our state-of-the-art equipment, well-maintained vehicles, expert logistics team and strong and trustworthy network. Our customers know that for us, no load is more than we can handle. When safe transportation over large distances within short deadlines is required, hundreds of customers trust the services of MGA International. We select our transportation partners with care so that your goods get the same professional service for every shipment.

Another reason, which makes our freight forwarding services highly sought after, is our safe and secure services. We have the required infrastructure to handle all your requirements with a single point of contact who monitors the shipment. We ensure that your products are safe and tracked from pick up until successful delivery.

Freight forwarding to the U.S., Canada, and beyond—all at reasonable rates.

With personalized freight services, MGA International can handle your shipment – regardless of size, weight, or destination. With a broad base of experience as international freight trucking company in Canada and United States, we provide best equipment suited to our customers for expedited freight trucking and forwarding.

Contact us today for a rate quote or to obtain more information about international freight shipping call 844-334-0039 or contact us here.