Is Expedited Shipping Worth the Extra Cost?

When you have items that you need to deliver on a strict deadline, you do not have time to waste. Today, more people expect flexible, reliable, and fast shipping. Luckily, it does not have to be hard to meet these expectations. If you have a time crunch, it might be worth your while to work with expedited shipping companies.

What Is Expedited Shipping?

If your goods need to arrive faster than normal, then expedited shipping might be for you. To make the delivery process faster, an expedited trucking and shipping company will have their trucks make fewer stops. Typically, there are two drivers per truck instead of one. That way, they can take turns in driving to hasten the delivery.

How Fast Is It?

“Expedited” simply means faster than normal. If it would usually take five days, then that might mean three or four days. On average, expedited trucking companies can deliver your items in two to three days, and that extra time can make all the difference for your company. There are several things you should consider when you are determining if it is worth the additional cost.

  • Rates: Of course, the cost will be much higher than if you went with standard shipping. You will want to go with someone who offers competitive rates.
  • Online Tracking: It is important that the freight company allows tracking for your shipment. That way, you can see just where your load is.
  • Different Options: Depending on what you are sending, the items may sit on one or two trucks. You may have options for the type of truck, as well.


Is It Worth It?

If you need your items to arrive within a strict time limit, then working with expedited trucking companies is worthwhile. No matter the load size, if it is urgent, you can expedite the shipment. For example, many medical facilities need emergency supplies, or a manufacturing company may need to replenish its inventory quickly.

These examples are typical. But these are not the only times that express delivery is beneficial. With the extra costs come real-time updates, speed, extra security of the items, and less handling.

Turn to a Trusted Expedited Trucking and Shipping Company

Typically, there is only one method of transportation involved with expedited shipping, which makes the delivery time shorter. You can track your shipment at any time to see where the load is. That gives you peace of mind because everything is on track. Working with the right expedited trucking and shipping company will ensure that your items arrive safely.

Reliable freight companies can help you plan the logistics from the beginning to the end. They will ensure that the process is effective and quick. To learn more about our shipping services, contact MGA International Logistics today.

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