Is It Better to Use Freight Forwarding or to Do the Logistics Yourself?

When shipping goods internationally, whether for import or export, there are two primary options. You can do the work yourself, which involves a lot of complexities and unknowns, or you can hire a professional freight forwarder. It makes more sense to hire a freight forwarder company, which is a third-party provider that takes care of virtually all aspects of moving goods overseas.

By using a freight forwarding service, everything is handled on your behalf. Not only does this ensure your goods will arrive at their destination safely, but with this being an efficient option, a freight forwarder company’s rate will be less than if you did everything yourself.

Before searching for the best freight forwarding service, you should know exactly what you need. This includes the mode of transport, volume of goods being shipped, any specific services required, and so on. Next, it would help to spend time researching what an international freight forwarding company does and what it is responsible for, as well as things it cannot do.

Finding the Best Freight Forwarding Service

The best freight forwarding companies are qualified to handle multiple shipment types. In addition to your current needs, identify companies that can help with future shipments. For instance, your initial international ship may involve importing goods using ocean freight to Japan. However, within months, you may need to use air freight to get goods exported from China.

A reputable freight forwarding company will have the right experience. Overseas logistics is comprised of different modes of transport, commodities, origins and destinations, and regulations. Trying to handle logistics on your own would be overwhelming. Prior to hiring a company, make sure that you know what its experience is specific to your type of shipment.

It helps to find a company that has a current membership with a freight forwarding or trade association. Being a member of a reputable association or organization shows that the company has strength, integrity, and efficient operational ability. Since only a few reputable networks vet freight forwarding members, this also shows financial stability.

Choosing International Freight Forwarding Instead of DIY Logistics

By hiring the right freight forwarder, you never have to worry about nor are you responsible for managing the operations of the shipment. Instead, the company has points of contact, submits documents, coordinates every aspect of the shipment, and handles issues that might arise.

MGA International is a trusted freight forwarder that would be delighted to help with your upcoming international logistics needs. For more information about our services or to schedule time with a company representative, please give us a call.

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