Key Differences Between the U.S. ELD Mandate and the Canadian ELD Mandate

The Canadian Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate will take effect on June 12, 2021, affecting many trucking companies. In the long run, this mandate will offer several benefits to trucking services such as hot shot trucking services. It is important for hot shot trucking companies that travel between Canada and the U.S. to understand the differences between these two mandates.

Differences Between U.S. and Canadian ELD Mandates

There are several differences between the U.S. and the Canadian ELD mandates. First, the technical requirements for the ELD device are slightly different between the two countries. The Canadian ELD Mandate has published the exact requirements for each ELD device.

Second, the ELD device for Canadian truck drivers also needs to be certified by a third party. In the United States, the device can be certified by the manufacturer. Companies that make ELD devices will need to be part of a third-party certification program.

Benefits of ELD Devices

An ELD will help companies comply with the requirement to keep track of hours worked. This can increase the safety of these hot shot trucking companies by ensuring all drivers are well-rested. According to Transport Canada, this new ELD requirement will save the trucking industry more than $81 million. This is because there will be fewer crashes related to fatigue, less time spent using paper logs, and less time spent on violations.

While the Canadian ELD Mandate may initially cost trucking companies money to implement, it will ultimately save them money in the long run. For hot shot trucking services, using an ELD can improve their National Safety Code (NSC) scores because the reporting of hours will be more accurate. Having a better NSC score can help reduce the premiums on insurance for these companies. A better NSC score can also lead to more customers in the long run because the brand name will become more credible.

The new requirements will also benefit drivers. Because they will not have to stop for as many inspections, they will be able to maximize their driving time. These types of devices can save drivers time in other ways too. The devices can streamline the communication between the office and the drivers while eliminating paperwork for drivers.

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Here at MGA International Logistics, we take pride in complying with the ELD mandates. Our commitment to complying with all regulations makes us one of the top hot shot trucking services in the area. To learn more about how we are working to comply with these ELD mandates, contact us today.

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