Key Features of Lowboy Trucking Services

Within the trucking industry, top-rated companies offer a host of solutions. Among these are lowboy transport services. Like the other options, there are several key features that make a lowboy truck transport service distinct. Learn what these are, and you will better appreciate the value of this particular service.

A lowboy truck is a type of semi-trailer with two drops in the height of the deck. One of these is directly after the gooseneck while the other is before the wheels. With this, the deck portion of the truck sits much lower compared to other semis on the road. As a result, lowboy transport companies can use these trucks to haul much taller loads, even up to 12 feet high.

The low deck height is the primary feature that makes these trucks unique. Although they can handle just about anything, most customers rely on lowboy transport services for delivering oversized freight from point A to point B. Some examples include bulldozers, backhoes, excavators, and compactors. These trucks are also ideal for carrying parts and materials.

Another feature of lowboys is they come in different types, giving customers an even broader range of options. For instance, a fixed gooseneck weighs the least yet the deck length is longer. There is also a fixed neck, which as the name implies fixes to trailers. A hydraulic detachable gooseneck is another type, which of all trucks used for lowboy truck transport is the most common and versatile. The other two types include a mechanical folding gooseneck and a mechanically detachable gooseneck.

Along with truck designs are different types of suspensions. If you need cargo hauled but have a limited budget, a spring ride makes a perfect choice. An air-ride suspension helps to lift the trailer frame, and if necessary, the driver can raise or lower the deck height. When carrying extremely expensive or oversized loads, lowboy trucking companies often use a truck with an independent suspension as it provides enhanced stability and steering capability.

The type of structure is another key feature. For this, a main structural steel type weighs up to 6,000 pounds heavier than others, but at the same time, it costs less to operate with the savings passed down to the customer. In comparison, a T1 is not as heavy, which allows for more versatile engineering. When you work with a reputable company, a representative will determine the best option based on your specific needs.

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