Know the Dimensional Limits on Loads for Flatbed Trailers

If you need freight hauled across the country, one of the most common types of trailers that you would need is a flatbed trailer. This type of trailer is the go-to vehicle because it can hold many different types of goods. Whether your load is oversize or difficult to load, a flatbed trailer can accommodate the extra requirements. One reason that a flatbed trailer is so easy to work with is that it has no roof, sides, or back. This means that you can load large items without worrying about all of the restrictions that a closed trailer has. Turning to one of the leading flatbed trucking companies in Illinois can help you easily transport large items.

One of the most common tools that companies will use to load flatbed trucks is a forklift. This machine can access the back and sides of the trailer, allowing the company to load freight on the trailer without problems. Using a forklift is efficient because it allows the company to load the trailer from nearly any angle. The company can also use a crane to load extremely large freight on to the trailer. The company can then secure the items on to the trailer.

Limits on Flatbed Shipping Companies

While flatbed trailers are useful, they also have some limits on them. There are some restrictions and rules on what these trailers can and cannot haul. There are both federal and state laws that companies must take into consideration. The laws may vary from state to state, so it is a good idea to research the laws in each state that your load will be traveling through. This will ensure that your load will meet all of the requirements in each state. There are a few general restrictions on the maximum dimensions, though.

  • The maximum width for the load is 8’6”.
  • The maximum height for the load is 13’6”.
  • The maximum length for the load is the length of the trailer.

There are some exceptions to these rules, so it is wise to read up on the specific rules. For example, flatbed transportation companies can obtain permits for loads that are larger than these limits. This is helpful if you are shipping large goods or equipment that you cannot break down any further. It is important to remember that you may have additional restrictions if you need to obtain a permit.

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