Lowboy Transport: A complete guide

When the load you need to transport cannot be accommodated on a typical flatbed trailer, lowboy transport services provide an alternative option to meet your needs and safely move your large and oddly-shaped equipment. Unpowered lowboy trailers have many advantages that other trailers are unable to match. Two-axle and three-axle lowboys are available to accommodate heavy items, as well as wide and tall loads.

Holding Oversized Equipment

If your business needs to safely and efficiently transport heavy and irregularly sized equipment, lowboy trailers can offer another course of action. Using lowboy trucking allows for the securing of items that would not normally fit on other types of trailers.

Types of Equipment Lowboy Trucking Companies Will Haul

Transporting heavy machinery requires the most reliable type of trailer. In addition to being durable and capable, a vehicle with low ground clearance that lacks the restrictions of an enclosed trailer, is desirable. Businesses that need to transport bulldozers, excavators, and other types of large construction equipment will typically use lowboys.

Sometimes referred to as low-beds, low-loaders, or double-drops, the large dimensions prove ideal for transporting these challenging types of cargo.

Different Varieties of Lowboys

Depending on your needs, a specific type of lowboy trucking trailer may be recommended by the company transporting your freight. Different variations of lowboy trailers are available, including:

  • Fixed gooseneck
  • Fixed-necked
  • Removable gooseneck

Fixed goosenecks are ideal when you need to load from the rear of the trailer. The adjustable gooseneck allows you to remove and reattach it. For lighter loads, the fixed-neck lowboy trailer also allows for loading from the rear. A removable gooseneck will allow for various methods of loading cargo that may include pushing, pulling, rolling, or even driving equipment directly onto the trailer.

Know the Regulations

Lowboy transport services can have limitations. Safety regulations must be strictly adhered to and lowboy trailers cannot exceed the per-axle weight limit. Due to the size of the freight often being moved,  these vehicles may require an escort. A reputable logistics provider will be able to determine what is legally required when transporting your cargo.

The Right fit for Your Cargo

When considering heavy-duty transportation for your shipping needs, lowboy trucking may offer the solution you require. MGA International Logistics will happily answer any questions that you may have. Contact one of our knowledgeable team members for more information, or to obtain a free, no-obligation quote.

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