Lowboy Trucking Companies

Lowboy trucking companies like MGA International Logistics, offers shipping services for large and heave cargo. However, because a Lowboy is a unique type of flatbed trailer, one that sits lower to the ground, you can ship taller items that would not fit in a conventional box trailer or on any other type of flatbed trailer.

Introduction to Lowboy Flatbeds

Sometimes referred to as “heavy haul trucks”, Lowboys are unique because they can accommodate gigantic hauls. As a specialized mode of transportation, Lowboys can handle loads that weigh between 40,000 and 80,000 pounds for things like cranes, bulldozers, airplane parts, automobile fleet, generators, and more.

Lowboy trucking companies hire drivers who have completed complex and special training in order to drive a flatbed of this type in Canada and the United States. However, in addition to specialized training, a Lowboy cannot complete hauls without the necessary permits. To assist with your shipment, our logistics team at MGA International Logistics is responsible for securing the permits and assigning a highly trained driver who will deliver your freight on time and without damage.

Benefits of Lowboy Trucking Companies

Without these companies, the economy would collapse, literally. If you consider all the vital shipments that Lowboy drivers make, you gain a completely new level of appreciation when seeing these flatbeds on the road. Lowboys are designed to get heavy and large cargo from the point of origin to the final destination for a wide range of industries to include construction, manufacturing, retail, distribution, medical, transportation, and the list goes on.

Excellent Logistics

In addition to Lowboy trucking companies needing skilled drivers, a strong logistics team is essential. We not only help with permits at MGA International Logistics but also handle all the legal documents, use innovative navigation techniques to plan routes, identify and follow all pertinent safety rules and regulations, and more.

As one of the top Lowboy trucking companies in North America, we handle both logistics and transportation of your goods. When you need a company with exceptional support and drivers capable of getting freight on a Lowboy delivered, you can depend on us every time. We also work hard to keep prices competitive.

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