LTL Services: Helping companies improve sustainability

Selecting a reliable trucking company is vital for your transportation needs. You should look for a partner with a safe, efficient track record, and a variety of vehicles from which to choose. However, these aren’t the only factors you should consider. At a time when environmentally friendly solutions are important, these operators should also be committed to these efforts. The good news is that most reputable LTL trucking companies operate efficiently and are conscious of their environmental impacts.

Fuel Efficiency Is Crucial

Truckers put a lot of miles on the vehicles they drive. This is unavoidable given the distances they must travel. However, there are ways that local LTL freight truckers can efficiently limit their fuel usage. The benefits of this are good for the environment and can help companies save on costs. There are a few ways to improve fuel efficiency.

A good beginning is to ensure effective route planning is taken into consideration. This may mean selecting more linear routes – not necessarily those that may be easier or faster. A good transportation partner should also employ transportation management systems and other technological tools. These resources can look at transportation times and rates to allow for sensible pricing options. Customers awaiting their goods can monitor arrival times and be ready for the trucks when they reach their destination. This reduces the amount of time trucks are idling at loading areas waiting to unload, and can help cut down on vehicle emissions.

Less-Than-Truckload Shipping Should Cut Down on Waste

Altering packaging practices can go a long way in reducing unnecessary waste. Reducing the number of boxes and incorporating recyclable packing materials can help limit environmental impacts.

When companies move away from paper materials (e.g. invoices, packing slips, bills of lading) and embrace digital formats, not only does it save on paper (and trees), but it makes processes faster and more efficient.

Work to Get Rid of Empty Miles

One of the biggest challenges LTL trucking companies face is filling those empty miles incurred by deadheading and backhauls. Making trips without a full load is inefficient. To assist in finding freight on their given routes, operators can turn to load boards where shippers and carriers can connect. This puts fewer trucks on the road, resulting in fewer emissions and less harm to the environment.

Doing Their Part for the Environment

Utilizing local LTL freight companies for your transportation needs demonstrates a commitment to the environment. Upping your green efforts begins with a call to the professionals at MGA International Logistics. Contact our expert team for further information, or to obtain a free, no-obligation quote.

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