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MGA International has been there for over two decades and it is the best trucking companies in the industry. Whether shipping perishable or non-perishable goods, it is important that you use the best LTL trucking companies. MGA International Logistics is one of Canada’s most trusted local trucking companies with a team of professionals who come with years of experience and unrivalled expertise.

With LTL, which is the acronym for “Less than Truck Load,” a relatively small amount of freight is moved from Point A to Point B. As true professionals, we understand just how vital it is to get freight to its destination on time and undamaged. This is why our entire team is 100 percent dedicated to meeting, if not exceeding, the customer’s expectations, whether goods are shipped a short or long distance away.

We are also aware that every customer’s demand for local trucking companies in their area. For that reason, we provide location specific, tailored and cost-effective services as opposed to cookie-cutter solutions. As one of the best trucking companies serving the North America, we take our responsibilities seriously.

In addition to minimizing costs, our LTL carriers increase security. To protect your goods from damage caused by mishandling or other freight using the shared truck space, we follow specific loading and packaging practices.

Tracking is an important part of our LTL trucking services at MGA International Logistics. Especially if the delivery of your goods is time sensitive, this allows us to monitor the shipment throughout the entire journey. With that, we can make quick and appropriate changes if needed, ensuring the shipment arrives on time according to the agreed-upon schedule. For accurate tracking, we use various methods, like the Bill of Lading number, PO number, Shipment Reference number, pick-up date range, and more.

4 Benefits of Using LTL Local Trucking Companies for Your Business:

  1. LTL Trucking Minimizes Cost – One of the most important reasons to choose Less than truckload shipping is the cost effectiveness. In LTL, freight can be easily shipped at a bare minimum shipping cost, in comparison to shipping an exclusive shipment. Here, the LTL carrier / truck ships many shipments from multiple businesses on a single truck before sending a delivery. This allows the shipper or the business to pay only for the portion they use on the trailer instead of the whole trailer as an exclusive delivery.
  2. LTL Shipping Increases Security – The package is carefully packed and checked before shipping to ensure items are not damaged during transit. Moreover, simply because lesser units are shipped therefore, there is less handling involved and less risk.
  3. LTL Trucking has Quicker Delivery Time – LTL Trucking companies have fewer logistics to deal with therefore, the shipments have a quicker delivery time, with fewer stops.
  4. LTL Trucking has benefit to ship in small shipments – One of the major benefits with LTL trucking services is that you have the benefit to ship even the smallest quantity of products across the country instead of having to wait till you have surplus quality for an exclusive or full shipment.

For peace of mind, you can count on MGA International Logistics for all of your “Less than Truckload” shipping needs. To learn more about our company or to view all of the shipping and logistics services available, we invite you to browse our website. You can also contact us by phone for more detailed information or to schedule an LTL shipment.