Major Factors That Help for Better Performing LTL Shipments

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LTL carriers can create a plan to serve many receivers and shippers in a set route. To plan the route, the carrier needs to consider the number of pallets, shipment weight, and actual cube to optimize pallet positioning in the trailer. There are many reasons why LTL carriers should know about actual freight weight from the start, including the possibility of shipment delays if pertinent information is not available. Keep reading to find out more about the role of LTL trucking companies.

What If You Don’t Know the Freight Details?

A driver arrived at a shipper’s location and expected to get a 600-pound shipment with three pallet positions. Instead, the shipment weighed 2,000 pounds and required 10 pallet positions. If there is an empty truck, the driver can still take this load. But that means the truck will fill up sooner than necessary, and another shipment might get delayed.

The carrier could send another truck to pick up the rest, but that will prevent the shipments from getting delivered on time. No matter how the carrier does it, it will cost more money. That extra cost will get passed on to the person who had a larger shipment than stated.

Disclose any special requirements with your carrier, so you can communicate your expectations. Learn about any specific prerequisites so you can avoid delaying your shipment.

Having Good Expectations

You should base your expectations on the published transit days from the less than truckload shipping carrier. Stay aware that the published transit days are only the best-case scenario. Sometimes, it might require more time, which can cause poor performance. Transit times are not the same amount of time from pickup to delivery since there are still scheduling requirements. Consider choosing a carrier located closer to your facility to reduce variables caused by traffic and other factors.

You should choose the right logistic provider to ensure on-time performance. If the chosen carrier has a pattern of high performance, you can expect a good working relationship. Regional and national carriers have higher levels of performance. Segment the customers and supply chain based on the requirements. Consider using the best LTL trucking companies that focus more on the level of service than costs. A logistics provider can help with this.

Access the Best Less Than Truckload Shipping Services

By working with the right logistics provider, you can access high-performing suppliers to create a more efficient route. By combining the best brokers and asset carriers, your logistics provider can create an approach that meets your shipping goals. Let us help you save money and time when it comes to supply chain management. Contact MGA International Logistics today to learn more.

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