Meet Your Urgent Trucking Deadline With Experienced Hot Shot Carriers

In general terms, someone who’s a “hot shot” is more than qualified to perform a specific task. The same applies to a hot shot trucking company, meaning it’s capable of surpassing even the most demanding customers. Unlike more conventional services, hot shot trucking is all about delivering goods within an extremely tight deadline.

If you have something that you urgently need delivered to a job site, customer, manufacturer, trade show, and so on, your best bet is to hire one of the top-rated hot shot trucking companies in your area. With the information provided, you will get a better understanding of what this type of trucking is and why it’s proven so valuable to individuals and businesses alike.

What Is Hot Shot Trucking?

In layman’s terms, hot shot trucking companies hire qualified individuals to deliver somewhat small and time-sensitive loads to various locations. Because drivers transport loads less than 10,000 pounds, they’re not required to obtain a commercial driver’s license as mandated for heavy freight. However, for people to work in the hot shot trucking industry as a driver, they must receive approval from Canada’s Motor Carrier Division, which oversees the rules and regulations for safe driving throughout different provinces, territories, and even industries.

One important thing to note is that hot shot trucking is not the same as expedited shipping. Instead, a hot shot trucking company has drivers on standby. Once a customer’s request comes in, someone dispatches the call to the appropriate person. The decision is not only based on who’s closer and works within a specific region, but also the type of vehicle driven to accommodate the load.

Hot Shot Trucks and Trailers

Drivers working for hot shot trucking companies use a variety of vehicles. Usually, these include a Class 3 truck, including the GMC Sierra 3500, Ford 350 and E-350, and the Ram 3500. Drivers also have Class 4 trucks, those capable of handling up to 19,500 pounds of payload, as well as Class 5 trucks such as the Ram 5500, Ford F-550, and GMC 5500, all with a 26,000-pound capability.

The best hot shot trucking companies also rely on drivers with trailers when needed. Often, this entails bumper pull trailers, perfect for hauling 10,000 or less pounds of materials, gooseneck trailers for extra freight hauling ability, deckover trailers, which work great for both recreational and commercial loads, and lowboy trailers that can accommodate the heaviest hot shot loads.

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