OVER-DIMENSIONAL SHIPPING? Hiring an experienced heavy haul trucking company is essential

When it comes to long-distance hauling, there are a few different options to choose from. Flatbed trucking is the default option for many. However, if the shipment is too large, bulky, or heavy, a flatbed trailer is probably not an option. That’s where heavy haul trucking companies can come in handy.

Oversized load trucking companies specialize in transporting cargo that exceeds road vehicles’ standard legal size and weight limits. The process requires special permits and precautions to avoid damage to infrastructure or other vehicles during transport. As such, these companies use large trucks with specially designed trailers to haul over-dimensional loads.

When you need to transport a huge load or heavy cargo over a long distance, these types of service offerings ensure the timely and secure delivery of your shipment.

 Advantages of Hiring a Heavy Haul Trucking Service

Some of the benefits of using a heavy haul trucking company include:

  • Field Expertise

Over-dimensional transport companies have the experience and expertise to transport cargo that others cannot. Familiar with the regulations and laws surrounding the transportation of heavy loads, these companies are careful to avoid impeding traffic or damaging the road or cargo. This attention to detail also ensures that the shipment will arrive at its destination without incident.

  • Suitable Trailers and Equipment

Heavy haul trucking firms employ specialized equipment to deliver items safely and on time. This includes trucks with specially designed trailers, winches, and other equipment necessary to move the load.

Once the shipment is on the road, heavy haul trucking companies use tracking devices to monitor its progress. This allows them to ensure that the shipment is on schedule and does not encounter any issues. In the event there are delays or problems, they can readily dispatch assistance as needed.

  • Competitive Rates

Heavy haul trucking firms offer affordable services for individuals and businesses transporting bulky goods. Cost may vary depending on distance and weight. Because they have the experience to transport massive cargo across long distances, heavy haul trucking services can often provide more competitive pricing for their customers.

  • Additional Services

Heavy haul trucking services can save their customers costs by providing them with a variety of additional services. These companies can pick up and deliver large loads, and also provide storage facilities for their customers’ goods when required. Additionally, they can save customers time by providing them with a variety of transportation options.

Get in Touch with a Reliable Over-Dimensional Transport Company

 Reliable service providers are essential when transporting oversized loads. Choose heavy haul trucking companies who have the knowledge and equipment required for long hauls. They guarantee timely and secure delivery.

When it comes to hauling oversize and overweight cargo, MGA International Logistics has the experience to assist with the planning of your next shipment. Reach out to our experienced team of experts for more information, or to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

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