Overseeing Canadian Freight Companies

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MGA International Logistics plans and transports freight but overseeing the work that we perform is an organization known as Transport Canada. By following established policies and regulations, we can assure your positive experience. Transport Canada oversees all Canadian freight companies.
Transport Canada is responsible for policies and programs pertaining to transportation. For Canadian freight companies, the organization promotes safe, efficient, secure, and environmentally friendly transportation. Just as Transport Canada oversees Canadian freight companies, it is the Parliament and Canadians that Transport Canada reports to through the minister of Transport.

By working with various government departments and jurisdictions, as well as portfolio partners and the transportation industry, Transport Canada works hard to ensure the transportation system used within Canada runs seamlessly. Today, roughly 4,700 people work for Transport Canada at the headquarter location and the five regional offices scattered throughout the country.

Canadian and US Operations

At MGA International Logistics, we take Transport Canada’s rules and regulations seriously. However, because we serve people throughout North America, we also follow strict guidelines as set by the United States Department of Motor Vehicle (USDOT) and its subset, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These two US organizations strive to prevent fatalities and injuries relating to commercial transportation.

Although Canadian freight companies follow rules from Transport Canada, the USDOT and FMCSA have no influence over things that happen in Canada. On the other hand, Canada has many ministries and regulatory agencies that affect the privileges of American transportation companies and their ability to operate across the border.

Rules and Regulations

Typically, Canadian freight companies follow rules nearly identical to those in the United States with some exceptions such as:

  • The majority of trailer configurations from the US are permitted in Canada except in the Western region, a 10-foot with one-inch axle spread is strongly discouraged
  • In some Canadian jurisdictions, a permit is required for long wheelbase tractors pulling 53-foot trailers
  • Drivers in the US must adhere to strict hours of service rules whereas in Canada, rules are more liberal

Because we service the US and Canada, at MGA International Logistics we follow rules set for the US, as well as those for Canadian freight companies. With this, you benefit from safe and efficient service in both countries.

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