OVERWEIGHT CARGO? A qualified carrier can save you costs

Along with more traditional shipping options, some companies specialize in hauling large and oversized loads. That includes trucks that pull ocean containers over the road. Since this isn’t a service that all oversize trucking companies offer, it’s important to find one with suitable qualifications.

Rules to Follow

Regardless of the type of truck or the contents shipped, all transport companies must abide by strict government laws and regulations. That’s especially true for those that provide cross-border shipping. So, it’s essential to consider heavy haul trucking companies with a proven history for adhering to all legal requirements.

However, when handling overweight cargo, things change somewhat. As a prime example, trucks that oversize load trucking companies operate for this specific service must stop at certified weigh stations to calculate the weight of the truck, its contents, as well as the chassis, container, fuel, and even the driver.

The reasoning being is that to haul overweight cargo, transport companies can’t go over a specific weight according to the current government regulations. When you hire one of the heavy haul trucking companies that service your area, you want to feel confident that it knows of and adheres to all rules.

As you can imagine, having to offload excess cargo would delay you receiving your goods on time. As a consequence, your business could suffer financial losses, and potentially cost you customers.

What to Expect from Oversize Trucking Companies that Ship Heavy Cargo?

It’s important to remember that trusted oversize load trucking companies do more than just ship cargo. The logistics part of the service includes inventory management, warehousing, real-time tracking and monitoring, professional planning, and more. Ultimately, you get the most “bang for your buck” by going this route.

As part of your research, focus on heavy haul trucking companies that provide logistical support. Below are some of the things you can expect.

Proper Fleet and Equipment

Along with having a truck capable of hauling large or oversized goods, the right company will provide its loaders and drivers with top-of-the-line equipment. That allows them to perform their jobs quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Required Permits

The best oversize load trucking companies will ensure they have all the proper permits in place for both the pick-up and drop-off locations. Just as with the weigh station, not having these in order could put your load in jeopardy of reaching its destination on time.

Optimal Loading

One other thing to consider is that experienced oversize trucking companies strategically load overweight cargo. This process is multi-purpose as it utilizes the cargo space more efficiently and prevents items from getting damaged during transport.

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