Preparing for Expedited Truck Service

Just as the name implies, expedited truck service equates to fast delivery of freight. If you participate in trade shows, you can expect there to be times when you need merchandise, displays, tables, and other items delivered faster than what normal transportation service offers.

Good Planning / Solid Processes

Among the best companies for expedited truck service in North America is MGA International Logistics. We understand the importance of you getting freight delivered quickly. Therefore, the entire team works diligently to ensure you receive freight as promised and in perfect condition.

  • Avoid Misplaced Crates and Cartons – Unfortunately, crates and cartons get misplaced. However, to ensure this never happens to you, we follow a very precise handling process so you have assurance that we will not overlook any of your important freight.
  • Efficient Identification – Something else we do at MGA International Logistics is use forms that go into detail. Based on the information required on the forms, we can identify your crates and boxes easily. Having a clear description for all of the items that we will ship makes a huge difference in the overall logistics and transportation experience.
  • Out with the Old / In with the New – Another service we provide at MGA International Logistics is discard old crates and boxes. While realistically boxes should be used just once, crates last a relatively long time. Our goal is to keep your freight fully protected and to accomplish that, we use appropriate containers at all times.
  • Misleading Information – For expedited truck service, we also make sure there is no other shipping information other than yours on any of the containers used. We know that the wrong label can cause huge delays. Again, we have strict guidelines in place to ensure shipping information is accurate.
  • Qualified Drivers – At MGA International Logistics, we play two critical roles in getting trade show freight shipped to include logistics and transportation. If you need expedited truck service, it is critical for a qualified driver to handle the load. From the logistics side of the house, we plan routes for both speed and safety. Therefore, the driver will follow the quickest route but having a ton of experience, be able to avoid potential delays. The outcome is expedited service of your trade show freight.
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