Reasons for the Ever-Growing Demand for Hot Shot Trucking Services

Hot shot trucking services started out as a “good idea.” Today, they are one of the most sought-after transportation solutions available. Although these services are part of the transportation industry, they differ from more traditional trucking in several ways. With tremendous benefits, demand for these services continues to grow throughout the country. If you need to get loads hauled, hot shot services are another viable option.

A Unique Niche

Instead of a standard big rig, hot shot services consist of drivers who use their own pickup trucks. Although there are no restrictions, many have a Ford F-350 or something similar. Not only does that give drivers a full bed to utilize, but it also gives them the ability to pull a fifth-wheel gooseneck (RGN) trailer: that extra 30 to 40-foot length means significant handling capacity of hot shot loads for a gooseneck.

Hot shot trucking companies are part of a unique niche. With smaller, yet capable vehicles, drivers can maneuver into spaces that large platform truck drivers find challenging. For any delivery site with limited access, including job sites, narrow streets, and so on, hot shot drivers have a clear advantage.

Hot Shot Driver Requirements: They use a truck and trailer combination that has a setup close to that of a traditional platform rig. They use ramps, tarps, straps, chains, and other security equipment that prevents loads from shifting or falling off during transport.

Different Load Sizes

The best hot shot trucking companies can accommodate loads of varying sizes, whether small or large. Instead of receiving items via a semi, customers get their loads delivered by an experienced and dedicated driver with a quality pickup and often, trailer. The alternate equipment often reduces the cost of delivery under the hot shot trucking load boards – yet another reason for the ever-growing demand for this type of service.

Drivers no longer spend countless hours on the road, which leads to physical and mental fatigue. Feeling refreshed, they work more efficiently and safely. With that, customers have greater peace of mind that their loads will arrive on time and unscathed. Whether you need a box of documents or construction material delivered, the best hot shot drivers can handle the job with perfection.

Trusting the Best Source

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