REFRIGERATED TRANSPORT – A burgeoning industry impacting everyday life

The refrigerated transportation industry has a long history, dating back to the 1800s. Both individuals and businesses rely on freight companies to move goods that require special, temperature-controlled vehicles. Recent technology advancements have expedited the growth of a massive cold chain logistics industry that requires refrigerated trucking services.

Refrigerated trucking companies utilize trucks with built-in refrigeration systems that keep a variety of goods at a desired temperature during transport.

The Growing Need for Refrigerated Freight Services

One just needs to take a look at the long list of benefits to understand the high demand for reputable refrigerated trucking companies.

Shipping Perishable Goods

Delivering perishable goods locally is much different than transporting them long-distance. Perishable goods such as dairy products, fresh meats, seafood and produce, depend on refrigerated trucking services to prevent deterioration and value loss.

For both short- and long-distance transport it is critical that perishable foods are maintained at the correct temperature. Reputable refrigerated trucking companies will employ high-end systems to achieve this goal. If the temperature moves out of the desired range, alarms will sound warning of temperature fluctuations.

Moving high demand foods quickly and efficiently has only increased the demand for refrigerated freight services.

Medical Supplies

Refrigerated trucking companies also play an important role for the pharmaceutical industry. Organs going to donor sites, sensitive medication, and even blood are just some of the products requiring temperature-controlled environments that refrigerated freight services can provide.

While pharmaceutical commerce rapidly expands, experts anticipate that the need for refrigerated freight services will continue to be in high demand.

Staying Compliant

Ultimately, companies offering refrigerated freight services must abide by strict regulations recently passed by the U.S. Congress. New rules covering enhanced tracking and tracing of food distribution, now includes significant record-keeping requirements. Drivers also require the necessary training for temperature management and reporting.

A Company You Can Trust

Whether it involves domestic or cross-border transit, MGA International Logistics offers refrigerated freight services for goods demanding an end-to-end, temperature-controlled environment. Contact one of our team members and ask for a free, no-obligation quote today.


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