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At MGA International Logistics, we offer a range of refrigerated transportation services. Because we know the temperature needs to remain consistent within the trailers, we only offer this service for full truckloads. For freight which may require either heating or cooling, we offer seamless cross-border, temperature-controlled transit.

Choosing the Right Refrigerated Transportation Service

When shipping high-value freight, it can be difficult to find a company you can trust. You can count on MGA to ensure your goods are delivered safely, securely, and at the same temperature at which they shipped. Our refrigerated trucking service is a great option for when you need to move shipments that require temperature control.

Within the truck, a refrigeration system ensures your items remain safe in a temperature-controlled environment. A minor temperature fluctuation can damage a product’s shelf-life, so we ensure items are kept at the same temperature before, during and upon delivery of your shipment. Since the trailer also offers protection against heat, it ensures your products will remain protected during transport.

We are ready and capable of developing solutions to meet your unique requirements. Please contact MGA International Logistics today to learn why we are considered among the best refrigerated trucking companies in the country.