What to Look for in Reputable Trade Show Trucking Companies

To achieve success in running trade shows, you must depend on the services of a reliable and trusted trade show trucking company. This company is dedicated to your satisfaction by using a skilled driver who focuses on deliverables. In other words, the driver’s primary goal is to transport everything you need for a great trade show, getting equipment, supplies, and merchandise to your location on time, in a safe manner, and without any damage.

However, part of the process is logistics. This consists of work performed “behind the scenes” to include the planning, organization, execution, and management of legal paperwork, permits, routes, equipment, communication, and more. Without excellent logistics, even the best driver in the world would face major challenges in getting trade show items to their destination.

Expectations from Trade Show Trucking Companies

When looking at several trade show trucking companies to hire, there are certain things to expect. For starters, you would enter into an agreement with the company of choice, designating them as your official trade show carrier. For example, if you hire us at MGA International Logistics, after discussing all details and reaching an agreement, we execute a formal contract.

With the contract in place, the planning phase begins. As part of this, appropriate containers and/or cages are selected, additional protection decided on, routes planned, the appropriate truck chosen, a driver assigned, and so on. Trade show trucking companies are also responsible for securing any required permits and following all legal regulations.

Benefits of Trade Show Trucking Companies

By using a trade show trucking company such as MGA International Logistics for getting freight from one point to another, you will enjoy multiple benefits.

  • 24/7 communication
  • Modern fleet
  • Competitive rates
  • Experienced and skilled drivers
  • Proactive management and tracking

We value you as a customer and understand the importance of delivering trade show equipment, supplies, and merchandise on time and damage-free. For that reason, our entire team works hard to ensure your overall experience is positive.

Unfortunately, working with a less experienced company poses risk of late delivery, damaged goods, and even lost freight. For trade shows in Canada and the United States, at MGA International Logistics, we offer professional and seamless service while always following best practices for the industry.

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Simply reach out via telephone, email, live online chat, or use our web-based RFQ form. Our logistics team will take care of the rest.

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