Responsibilities of Oversize Load Trucking Companies

Oversize load trucking companies are responsible for transporting freight, as well as other larger items that exceed maximum size limits legally set for particular trailers. For this type of company to transport oversize shipments, special permits are typically required. In addition, a unique route may be necessary as a means of avoiding obstacles such as narrow passages and low bridges.

Hiring the Right Trucking Company

Because there are special requirements for overload trucking, shipments are often difficult and complex. For that reason, it is imperative that you hire the best trucking company if you have freight deemed oversized. As part of getting freight from its origin to the final destination, an expert in logistics must follow precise regulations and perform tasks that are extremely detailed and complicated.

A reputable oversize load company will obtain all the necessary permits, plan an appropriate route for the driver to take, acquire the proper trailer and/or equipment, and secure loads to ensure they arrive as scheduled and safely at both the pickup and drop off location.

Drivers who handle oversize loads have extensive training, experience, and knowledge.
Because these drivers are accustomed to moving different types of freight or equipment, there is awareness of special precautions and necessary regulations associated with a job such as this. As a result, transporting oversized loads is safe and legal. That way, freight arrives to its destination on time and in a cost-efficient and careful manner.

Types of Oversized Loads

For the most part, the type of equipment and freight transported by a skilled oversize load driver includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Freight that is extremely long, tall, or wide
  • Mining equipment and machinery
  • Heavy or overweight haul shipments
  • Farm equipment and machinery
  • Construction equipment and machinery
  • Manufacturing equipment and machinery
  • Boats
  • Large trailer-mounted equipment that requires tow-away power only services
  • Mobile and preassembled homes
  • Cranes, steel structures, bulldozers, beams, and other large equipment and machinery

If you have something that qualifies as an oversized load, you want the best trucking company possible to handle the job from both a logistics and transportation perspective. At MGA International Logistics, we are an industry leader with solid experience pertaining to oversized loads. In addition, we use only the most skilled drivers for these jobs.

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