Safety Tips for International Shipping

Before shipping goods to another country, it is imperative that you research several of the top international shipping companies. While there are many international package shipping companies in business, not all are the same. As you look into what each company offers, you will notice differences in the type and caliber of services, insurance, licensing, price, and so on. After gathering information, you can make comparisons that will ultimately help you choose the best company for your needs.

Even after choosing one company for overseas package shipping, you should be aware of certain safety tips. Knowing potential risks will help streamline the shipping process.

  • Shipping Regulations – Trade laws and customs regulations vary from one country to the next. Therefore, when hiring a company to ship your packages, make sure the staff understands and follows them. Otherwise, you could risk getting your item stuck in customs or rejected altogether.
  • Appropriate Packaging – The shipping company that you hire should provide information as to the correct way to package your goods. Not only will the right-sized boxes, packing material, and labeling help prevent your item from getting broken or destroyed, it could save you money. If you need help, many companies offer packaging services or can recommend a professional service.
  • Clear Labeling – Be sure the label on your package is easy to read. If possible, use a printed label. When handwriting, print in large letters using a permanent marker. If the items inside are fragile, use stickers to indicate that or write the word “fragile” on each side of the package or box.
  • Customs Information – To avoid a delay in shipping your package, be sure that all of the required customs’ information is complete. A reputable shipping company may be able to speed up the process of clearing customs. The shipping company that you hire is well aware of the potential risks and takes all of the appropriate steps to prevent a problem from occurring. Typically, the best international shipping companies have excellent relationships with customs, which is a huge advantage.
  • Tracking Capability – The right company for shipping things overseas has a system that allows you to track your package during transport. You can quickly check on the status of your shipment and confirm its arrival at the scheduled destination.

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