Services Offered by Double Drop Flatbed Carriers in Canada

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Double drop flatbed carriers in Canada are companies that haul freight in that particular country using a double drop deck flatbed. This type of trailer is 48 feet in length and usually, 60 inches high on the front step while being between 38 and 40 inches tall on the back. Because of this, the flatbed is capable of hauling freight up to 11-feet, 6-inches high. For other flatbeds and closed compartments, this is impossible.

As professional drivers make their way across the country of Canada, and even into the United States, they encounter multiple overheads. If at any time there are bridges or overpasses taller than 11-feet and six-inches, an escort is mandatory. Serving as an escort for Double Drop Flatbed Carriers in Canada are special cars, complete with flashing lights. The escort follows the driver all the way from point of origin to the final shipping destination to ensure optimal safety.

Growing Demand for Flatbeds

In the past several years, demand for flatbeds has skyrocketed. Because of this, MGA International Logistics and other Double Drop Flatbed carriers in Canada can barely keep up with customers. Although there are many reasons for this, the biggest has to do with an increase in construction.

Since the economic crisis of 2007 through 2009, both the US and Canada have begun rebuilding. Today, construction for residential and commercial sectors is doing extremely well. However, in order to build, developers, contractors, and builders need a lot of materials and equipment. The problem is that most items used in construction are extremely large and heavy. The only way to move this type of cargo is with a flatbed.

However, Double Deck Flatbed carriers in Canada are also seeing a rise in demand from other industries. For instance, automobiles are selling whereas for quite some time, sales were slow. As people throughout North America want to buy new vehicles, automakers need a way to deliver. Again, they turn to flatbeds because the flat surface can accommodate numerous automobiles and a significant amount of weight.

Regardless of why you need logistics and transportation services, when looking for the best Double Deck Flatbed carriers in Canada, make sure the company has years of experience, an exceptional logistics team, and a crew of highly skilled drivers qualified to drive special flatbeds.

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