SHIPPING CARGO? Choose a company you can trust

With the number of cargo companies in business, choosing the right one can feel a little daunting. However, this is an important decision. After all, the source you choose is responsible for getting your goods from one location to another safely. Before going with just any one of the many freight trucking companies in Canada, start by considering several factors.

Putting the Customer First

So, what exactly does that mean? Well, a lot of things. The best freight shipping companies offer a broad range of transportation services, including logistics. That also means providing an efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution tailored to every client’s specific needs. It’s all about doing what it takes to earn the customers’ trust and achieve their 100 percent satisfaction.

However, there are additional things to look for when researching various international freight shipping companies.

A Healthy Network of Carriers

You’ve heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, that same principle applies to freight trucking companies. To provide customers with stellar service, the company you choose should have an established network of reputable carriers. For one thing, that ensures cargo reaches its destination on time. For another, it’s a great way to save money.


Any existing international freight shipping companies worth your consideration have a long history of being reliable. Companies that consistently transport goods on time and maintain cost-effective services fall into this category. If your current transportation and logistics company frequently runs late or increases its prices, it’s time to select a different source.

Proper and Active Licenses

To legally transport cargo, especially when dealing with cross-border shipments, all bona fide freight trucking companies must have the proper licenses in good standing. Not only can you obtain this information by making a few inquiries, but the company should notn’t also hesitate to show you their licenses upon request.

A Lack of Experience and Knowledge

Along with experience, you want to hire a trucking company with in-depth knowledge of the industry. That combination will yield the best outcome. As you research various freight shipping companies, look at those with a 20- plus year history of providing excellent service. Often, you’ll find this with family-owned and operated businesses.

Favorable Reputation

The most trusted international freight shipping companies have a solid reputation. They’ve earned it by putting their customers first.

Your Most Trusted Source

As a leader among the top-rated freight shipping companies, you can always rely on us at MGA International Logistics. We take immense pride in the level of service that we provide to every customer. For more information, contact us today.


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