SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY? Tips for preparing your cargo

As expected, there’s a lot involved when shipping goods internationally. When transporting freight across borders there are numerous factors to consider; not just for your company, but also for the international logistics company you choose to partner with.

The good news is that reputable cargo shipping companies follow streamlined processes that prevent problems. As for your role, it’s important to prepare your cargo correctly. Not only will that result in cost-savings, but also help eliminate the risk of delays when your cargo reaches the border.

Helpful Tips for Packing Cargo

According to some of the most respected international cargo shipping companies, there’s a right and wrong way to prepare cargo for transport. The following tips will help tremendously.

Protect Cargo

Although a top-rated international logistics company will do its part to protect your cargo, you also need to take precautionary steps. For example, be sure your freight is stackable. Especially when being transported long distances, this prevents your goods from toppling over.

Also, the best cargo shipping companies use appropriate equipment for both loading and unloading. That includes a forklift to place cargo on trucks carefully. So, when researching different transporters, don’t hesitate to ask about their process for loading and unloading freight.

Proper Packaging

Next, it’s important to package your freight correctly so any bumps or vibrations during transport won’t cause damage. Depending on the type of freight and especially when shipping it internationally, it’s worth investing in reinforced boxes. Keep in mind that most international logistics companies have these available and can even assist with the packing if needed.

Packing Materials

Even the packing materials you choose can make a significant difference in the protection of your goods. Whether you create or palletize the cargo, it’s still important to use the right packing materials. As an example, air cushions and peanuts work amazingly well. Just make sure to pack boxes or containers firmly to prevent items from moving around.

Along with what you put inside of boxes and containers, be sure to focus on how you seal them. This is when heavy-duty packing tape comes in handy. Regardless of the reputation of the international cargo shipping companies you consider, it’s up to you to secure the items you ship.

Maximum Weight

Another thing is to weigh your freight. That way, you’ll know whether you need to look at cargo shipping companies that provide parcel service or those that offer LTL or FLT international trucking services.

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