Standards of Performance for Trade Show Shipping Services

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As part of trade show shipping services, a set of performance standards were established to create a uniform code of conduct, as well as professional ethics for all logistics and transportation companies hired to pick up, deliver, and handle materials relating to trade shows and exhibits in the United States.

However, for many companies like Canada-based MGA International Logistics that offers services in Canada and the USA, we uphold these standards on both sides of the border.

The Goal of Standards

These standards were created is to keep peace and harmony between various trade show carriers but to also ensure there is an agreed understanding amongst exhibitors, official contractors, show management, and transportation carriers specific to trade show freight. To ensure everyone follows the standards, the entire industry shares responsibility.

Under these performance standards, exhibitors have the right to choose a preferred carrier. For logistics and transportation companies, there is an endorsement of standards for all trade show freight services and other freight-related services.

Benefits of Performance Standards

There are several benefits in having performance standards in place.

  • Everyone is on the same page
  • Members pledge to support trade show shipping services in an effort to improve and enhance the value of participation
  • Organizations that agree exhibitors have the right to choose the carrier are endorsed

Additional Considerations

Because exhibitors, as well as logistics and transportation companies that offer trade show shipping services follow the same standards of performance, both parties have responsibility. For instance, as an exhibitor, you are required to let the carrier of choice know about the rules and regulations for the trade show. In addition, if you have changes to an outbound shipment, you can make changes in writing on a new official contractor shipping instructions form or by making modifications to the initial form.

Of course, there are additional aspects to the standards of performance but overall, both exhibitors and carriers of trade show shipping services benefit. The key is for you to choose a company that understands, agrees to, and follows these standards. At MGA International Logistics, we take our services seriously and as such, work hard to meet the highest performance standards.

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