Steel Coil Flatbed Trucking and Transport Services by MGA

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At MGA International Logistics, we offer a wide range of services to include steel coil flatbed trucking and transport. This is important to know since there are risks on the road for drivers who haul steel, to include dropped loads, which occurs because of a jackknife, improper securement, rollover, or something else. In addition to putting the driver at risk, this creates risks for other drivers nearby.

Proper Securement

The drivers that we use at MGA International Logistics are unique in that they all have extensive experience, training, and special licensing. Because of this, our drivers possess the necessary skill to handle steel coil flatbed trucking and transportation services but in a safe manner. Steel coil is expensive so the last thing you want to happen is have your cargo damaged because of poor driving and/or improper securement.

As part of the driver’s responsibility is the securement of all freight, to include steel coils. Using heavy-duty chains, ropes, and other equipment, the coils are secured to the back of the flatbed. However, our drivers are also aware of road conditions and hazards that might cause the load to shift. If at any time there is concern, our drivers immediately check to make sure the steel coil is still securely in place.

Everyday Use of Steel Coil

Used in the construction of railways, roads, appliances, buildings, and other infrastructure, demand for skilled steel coil flatbed trucking and transportation is high. We value you as a customer and understand the importance of getting steel coils to their destination. One mess up at any step would cause a huge snowball effect, costing you and others a significant amount of money and time.

Because there are dangers associated with steel coil flatbed trucking and transportation, the US federal government, along with a number of states, has passed laws that govern the hauling of this material. With this, drivers are mandated to follow specific safety precautions and complete special driver training.

Although MGA International Logistics has headquarters in Canada, we serve the people of Canada and the Unites States. For that reason, we offer steel coil flatbed trucking and transportation throughout North America while adhering to the laws on both sides of the border.

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