STEP DECK TRUCKING: Everything you need to know

An increasing number of industries look to diverse freight shipping services because of the versatility they can provide. Reputable transporters offer several different solutions. As a prime example, step deck transportation is a type of service that offers numerous benefits.

For the best service, look for step deck trucking companies that provide other transportation solutions. That way, you can build a strong business relationship with a single source. When it comes to having goods shipped, that makes a huge difference. Keep in mind that sometimes, these sources refer to themselves as drop deck trucking companies.

The Step Deck Truck

The type of truck used for step deck transportation services doesn’t have sides, a roof, or any doors. In those ways, it’s similar to a flatbed truck. The difference is that a drop deck truck has two deck levels, consisting of one level positioned higher with a shorter second level positioned closer toward the front.

With this design, the shorter deck level goes over the edge of the truck unit. However, it also drops down, which makes it easy to accommodate tall loads. A benefit of using one of the best drop deck trucking companies is that this truck provides extra space. As a result, it can transport more cargo compared to other types of shipping trucks.

Key Benefits of Step Deck Transportation

Beyond accommodating more freight, there are additional benefits for employing the services of step deck trucking companies.

Height Permits

The primary reason for the increased demand for drop deck trucking companies is that these trucks accommodate tall loads. Even better, there’s no need to secure a permit. So, that speeds up the overall process of getting freight delivered.

Easier Loading and Unloading

Similar to flatbeds, without doors, a roof, or sides, it’s easy to load and unload onto a step-down truck. One key difference is that with the two decks of different levels, a forklift can handle the loading and unloading process. That eliminates the need to use heavy cranes, which in turn reduces safety risks.


Although multiple industries benefit from using the services of step deck trucking companies, construction depends the heaviest on this type of cargo transportation. Again, with the unique deck design, the trucks can handle all kinds and sizes of equipment and material.

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MGA International Logistics ranks among the most respected step deck trucking companies. With access to a superior fleet, highly qualified drivers, and experts guiding the shipping process, customers rely on us. For a free, no-obligation quote, give us a call today.


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