Step Deck Trailer Vs. Lowboy Trailer

When you have tall, heavy, or wide loads that need to be transported, it can feel overwhelming to choose the right type of equipment and sorting out the logistics behind the move. Some companies, like MGA International Logistics, offer various trailer options that will not only help reduce damage to your load but will also improve the safety of your driver and everyone else on the road. Two of these options includes step deck trucking and lowboy trucking. Let’s take a look at each option and when you should consider lowboy trucking or step deck trucking companies for your transportation needs.

Step Deck Trucking Services

Step deck trucking services use a type of flatbed trailer with a small step that is located near its front. You will want to utilize this trailer if hauling large and heavy step deck truck loads. However, it is most often used for hauling items that are tall and will not fit on regular flatbed trailers. This type of trailer is often used for large pieces of equipment such as farming or construction vehicles. There are many features, such as large step deck loading ramps, that makes the loading and unloading process as simple as possible on these step deck/down equipment trailers.

Lowboy Trucking Services

Lowboy trailer services are similar to step deck trailer services because they make it easy to haul heavy and large pieces of equipment with lowboy loads. The trailers used for this type of lowboy trucking are low, making the loading and unloading process even easier than step deck trucking. This type of trucking is ideal if the piece of equipment can move on its own. With its low design, the trucks can more easily drive up and drive off the trailers, saving much time and energy. Some of these trailers can also expand, making it easy to move long and heavy machines as well. You’ll often see machinery such as excavators, dozers, and compactors on these heavy haul lowboy trailers.

Choosing the right type of trucking services can be challenging. There are many choices and services available and you want to choose the best one that will get your freight to its location safely, quickly, and with few problems. When you work with the best step deck trucking companies in Canada, logistics services can help you make the best decision and ensure that every detail and concern is considered with great care.

If you are considering step deck trucking companies or lowboy trucking services, contact MGA International Logistics. Experts are ready to answer your questions and help you differentiate between each option. You will have peace of mind knowing that your load is in good hands and that you have made the best decision for the safety of others, the protection of your load, and for your budget book.


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