Taking a Shot at Hot Shot Trucking

Especially for smaller loads and when loads need to be delivered quickly, hot shot trucking companies are quickly becoming a viable option compared to more traditional transportation solutions.

Hot shot drivers originated in the 1970s, when owners of regular pickups would sit outside of oil part manufacturing plants waiting to go on runs for parts. The name “hot shot” was born in Texas during a time when people working in the oil fields made fast runs for parts. This prevented oil rigs from shutting down, which would have had a huge financial impact on oil companies and workers.

Key Benefits of Hot shot trucking

Following are some of the key benefits associated with hot shot trucking.

  • People get to be their own boss.
  • Hot shot carriers have the ability to keep a steady flow of clients.
  • Hot shot trucking boosts revenue.
  • When local hot shot loads are available, this provides a great training opportunity for new workers.
  • Hot shot driving is fun, exciting, and rewarding.
  • Businesses experience lower startup costs.
  • The consumption and cost of fuel are less.
  • Expedited loads decrease wait time.
  • It offers a better income potential for Class 8 drivers.
  • Drivers get more time at home since loads are typically regional or local.

Viable Logistics Services

Hot shot trucking companies utilize medium-duty or 1-ton pickup trucks along with pull trainers. Because loads often take drivers across state borders, a CDL license is highly recommended as opposed to a standard commercial license. In addition, the driver needs a U.S. Department of Transportation number and perhaps an MC number.

Hot shot trucking companies provide a unique form of transportation that is beneficial to customers, as well. Although there is an initial investment when starting this type of trucking business for a pickup truck, trailer, ratchet straps, chains, binders, and other items, the money is recouped within a short period.

Along with benefits, hot shot trucking companies can face challenges, as well. For example, this business is sometimes feast or feminine. In other words, owners are overloaded with work one day and then waiting for work the next. However, by building a solid customer base, this is often avoided. Even with a few potential risks, hot shot trucking as a whole is an excellent career opportunity.

As one of the most reputable hot shot trucking companies serving customers throughout North America, we are available to provide logistics services to accommodate your needs and answer questions about a career in hot shot trucking.

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