The Future of Sustainable Freight Hauling in Canada

Looking for more sustainable ways to ship commercial goods across the world has been on everyone’s radar over the past years. With the rising concern about climate change, more and more freight trucking companies are looking for environmentally-friendly alternatives.

What Does Sustainable Freight Hauling Mean?

Being a sustainable business means you’re aware of your environmental impact and are trying to change the way your company runs itself. A lot of freight companies are trying to shift their businesses to run in a more energy-efficient way. This can be by using technologies to improve the efficiency of the products needing to be shipped out and their supply chains. Freight companies in NJ have been trying to figure a way of increasing productivity instead of shipping out half-empty containers of goods. This will ultimately allow them to have an edge over other shipping companies.

With sustainable freight, the end result doesn’t have to begin with the business. Every single person contributes to the drastic need for food, and consumer goods to reach us faster than ever before. If all of us began to buy more products locally and didn’t need to rely heavily on freight services like trucks.

Of course, this is a huge change that can only be accomplished if everyone comes together to complete this task in order to stop the impending doom that climate change possesses.

Green and Innovative Transportation

It takes quite a process for freight trucking companies to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions. The transition process from producing 10% of the world’s emissions to zero is a huge feat to accomplish, especially when this number may grow even higher over the next decade. A lot of freight companies are researching more and more ways to become more energy-efficient within the next five to ten years.

Trucks will need to have full loads and be operational using a different method than fossil fuels for anything to work. Changing freight trucks from diesel to electric would immediately make a large difference in greenhouse gas emissions being put into the atmosphere. Other than trucking, using a train for shipments seems to be a great place to start. Long-haul freight should be shipped from trucks to rail in order to reduce CO2 emissions by half of what they already are. Solar and wind-powered electric rail is an option for the future, as are electric trucks, and hybrid electric cargo ships are the future of sustainable transportation.

Looking into greener international freight forwarders that will ship products is something you should definitely keep an eye out for. MGA International can offer more reliable shipments that will make it to their destinations in an extremely efficient manner.

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