Third-Party Logistics: Post Pandemic

Outsourcing logistic operations to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider can prove beneficial to your business. As we witness signs of life returning to normal, the question remains as to what normal will look like post-pandemic. The COVID-19 epidemic has created a labour shortage that has resulted in higher wages. Warehouse space has become scarce and therefore more expensive. Working with 3PL freight shipping companies post-pandemic allows small or medium-sized businesses to redistribute these operations – at reduced cost – so they can shift their focus to other priority operations.

Reduce Costs

While the cost of warehouse space and labour has spiked exponentially over the course of the pandemic, so has the cost of having to hire and train new workers. Shared warehousing – offered by some 3PLs – allows for the ability to ramp up resources when volumes are high, and to reduce operations when not needed. Utilizing the services of freight trucking companies provides the flexibility to simply pay for what your business requires at any given point in time.

Logistic Services

All 3PLs are different, but choosing one that offers multiple logistic services can prove to be beneficial for businesses. Managing relationships, when outsourcing logistics operations, requires time and resources. By having just a single operations provider that can focus on multiple functions, allows for more efficient business operations.

Reliable international freight shipping companies will offer a varied portfolio of services. MGA International Logistics is a full-service transportation and logistics company. Offering warehousing, transportation, freight and logistics services, we also provide cross-border transport, while managing all your freight and shipping requirements. With over 20+ years of industry experience, we can offer clients customized transportation services and assist in finding the right solutions for them. For more information, or to request a quote, please contact one of our experienced logistics team members today.

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