Tips for Comparing Trucking Transportation Companies

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Due to the serious nature of logistics and transportation, you never want to make a fast decision. Instead, spend adequate time comparing trucking transportation companies to ensure you hire the one that best serves your needs. Obviously, affordability is a major consideration but hiring the right company goes beyond the money.

You want to know about equipment and fleet used, how long the company has been in business, the type of special services offered, company guarantees, and more. By making comparisons of various factors, you have the ability to separate the good from the bad.

Company History

Typically, choosing a trucking transportation company with years in the industry equates to quality and professionalism. That is not to say that some of the newer companies are bad, they simply do not have the same level of expertise. Therefore, be sure to research the history of the company. As part of this, learn how the business was founded, who the executive and key management players are, mission and philosophy, and so on.

Type of Fleet and Equipment

Because transportation and logistics is a highly competitive industry, there are dramatic differences in the type of fleet and equipment used. You want a trucking transportation company that has a broad range of trucks coupled with state-of-the-art equipment. With that, you have confidence knowing the company can handle a broad range of freight but also has better supply chain, communication, and safety equipment.

Driver Qualifications

As the customer, you also have the right to ask about the driver’s qualifications. Primarily, make sure the driver has all the necessary licenses and certifications but is also bonded and insured. You can also request information as to the number of years in the business and the types of fleet driven and freight hauled.

Cost of Services

Finally, you will need to compare the cost of services. While this should never be the main deciding factor, it is important. Our company, MGA International Logistics, offers competitive prices and meets all other comparison criteria. However, for pricing, if you have concerns about quotes, please allow one of our representatives to work with you. After all, we provide customization on services so we may be able to come up with an innovative solution.

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