Top 5 Mistakes that International Shipping Companies Make and Ways to Solve Them

Because humans handle international shipping companies operations, mistakes happen. By learning what these errors are and how companies fix them, you can more easily select the best international logistics company to help with your overseas shipping needs.

  1. Destination Regulations – When it comes to customs, every country has unique requirements. That means getting goods through one country might be easy yet challenging in another country. To avoid issues, the company you hire for international freight shipping will have extensive knowledge of your specific destination’s requirements.
  2. Incorrect Packaging – Failing to inspect goods to ensure correct packaging for shipping is also a mistake. As a result, there is a chance that your goods would not meet the regulations for your destination, and possibly get damaged. A reputable shipping company checks packaging based on type, size, and destination country regulations.
  3. Improper Labeling – Even something as simple as improper labeling can cause a delay in the delivery of your freight. In fact, this could increase the cost of shipping charges. The international logistics company you use will have a verification process in place to prevent a mistake like this from happening.
  4. Logistics – Respected companies that provide international freight shipping services have expertise in every aspect of logistics. With a clear understanding of the process and chain of command, every requirement gets met. Without that knowledge, shipments get lost or delayed. Respected companies that offer comprehensive logistical services follow strict guidelines. The right company provides a full-valued service to ensure nothing gets overlooked.
  5. Inadequate Connections – Another mistake is not having connections with the right third parties. Not having relationships with trusted warehouses puts your goods at risk for theft and damage. To prevent that, top-rated companies spend a tremendous amount of time and effort building connections with the right people and organizations.
  6. Poor Communication and Support – Customers agree that one of the most frustrating mistakes that shipping companies make is not providing excellent communication and support. For 100-percent customer satisfaction, the best shipping companies designate a point of contact. As a result, you always have someone to turn to for questions or concerns.

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