TRUCK TRANSPORT: The popular choice

For customers of the logistics industry, air, rail, ship, and truck modes of transport are offerings to be considered. While they all have unique features and benefits, an increasing number of customers are choosing to explore the convenience and advantages a freight trucking company can provide.

The Growing Demand on Freight Shipping Companies

The number of businesses that rely on freight shipping companies continues to increase. Why? Below are some of the primary reasons.

Cross-Border Capability

The best international freight shipping companies deliver cargo across the Canadian/U.S. border with ease. Using modern technology, professional drivers can determine the fastest and safest route from point A to point B. These companies also secure all the necessary permits necessary to avoid delays and to ensure customers receive their goods as promised and on time.

Cost-Effective Service

Compared with other modes of transport, over-the-road freight shipping companies can provide a more cost-effective solution. Although that benefits all businesses, it’s especially helpful for smaller organizations and start-ups.

For even greater savings, customers are choosing to engage with leading international freight shipping companies. The additional services and logistical support provided by these entities may include warehousing, real-time transportation management, and access to a strong partner network. Simply put, they are full-service companies.

Expedient Shipping

In today’s competitive markets, businesses expect that cargo will be delivered expeditiously to their customers. For that reason alone, they depend on a shipping source that is speedy without compromising on the quality of the service. This is what a trusted freight shipping company can provide.

The best freight shipping companies have an excellent fleet of trucks – or access to an extensive carrier network – ensuring a reliable delivery chain from origin to destination. Vehicles are often equipped with GPS monitoring systems that enables them to track how well drivers are performing. At the same time, they can provide their drivers with real-time information and support to avoid traffic congestion, accidents, and roads impacted by the weather.


Leading international freight shipping companies will offer a varied portfolio of services which may include the ability to accommodate oversized or odd-shaped cargo, or even refrigerated trailers when transport of perishables is required. This allows customers to work with one source for all their shipping requirements as opposed to engaging with several different transportation entities.

Dedicated Freight Shipping Company

In Canada, MGA International Logistics ranks among the top freight shipping companies. With 20+ years of experience and a dedicated team of professionals, we always strive to exceed customers’ expectations. Please reach out to our team today for more information about our portfolio of services, or to obtain a free, no-obligation quote.


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