Two Keys to Maintaining Truck Capacity This Winter

Hot shot carriers have a specific reputation to uphold. As part of that is the ability to get deliveries completed on time. Unfortunately, the winter creates the same challenges for the hot shot trucking industry as it does for standard trucking services. The difference is that hot shot drivers have a unique way of getting around problems, thereby making deliveries on time.

For example, once hot shot truckers leave the pickup point, they do not stop until delivering the goods to the designated location. These drivers also rely on top-of-the-line vehicles, whether a medium- or heavy-duty truck with four-wheel drive or a flatbed trailer. Those two things combined make it possible for hot shot drivers to succeed.

However, the hot shot trucking industry shares another challenge with standard transportation services, which involves maintaining truck capacity during the wintertime. Whether employed or contracted by a carrier, these drivers must stay busy all year to succeed. Because the winter is typically the slowest time of the year, these drivers depend on two primary factors to ensure truck capacity.

  1. Multi-Year Contracts – During the winter, drivers will sign multi-year contracts. That way, they have hot shot loads for carriers even during a slow time of year. Although truckers sometimes have to pay a few additional percentage points to secure this particular capacity, it pays off in the end. Not only do the drivers benefit from staying at full capacity, but by delivering goods on time, there is no negative impact on their customer’s reputation or generated revenue.
  2. TMS System – How shot drivers also look for carriers that have a Transportation Management System (TMS). For one thing, this system directs the activity of shipping. With this, a carrier can upload the latest routing guide into the system, automatically tender shipments ready for movement, and eliminate tedious tasks by automating them. Instead of consistently putting out fires, hot shot carriers can focus on other important business matters.

The more that hot shot drivers maintain truck capacity throughout the year, including winter, the more trusted this service becomes. For customers, these two things alone make a huge difference in their success. Instead of worrying about shipments reaching their designation on time, you want to work with a trusted carrier.

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