Types of Trailers Used for Freight Forwarding Services

Freight forwarding services are the perfect way to get goods moved from one location to another. Whether delivering items nationally or internationally, a freight forwarder company arranges all required transportation, including air, ocean, rail, and ground options.

If your business ships goods both nationally and internationally, you should consider hiring an international freight shipping company that also provides national services; that way, you have one source for all your needs. Over time, you will build a relationship that streamlines the shipping process even further.

Ground Transportation

When using ground transportation to get your freight to its destination, the freight forwarder company relies on different types of trailers. Following are the most common solutions:

  • Straight Truck – Often referred to as a cargo truck, box van, or cube truck, forwarding companies use this type of vehicle for delivering things like home goods, appliances, furniture, and relatively small items. In fact, hot-shot drivers sometimes use a straight truck for expedited freight deliveries.
  • Flatbed – The primary benefit of a flatbed trailer is that, without a top or sides, freight can get loaded from any angle. When dealing with limited space or without a loading dock, this trailer provides an efficient and safe solution.
  • Step Deck – This trailer is a variation of the flatbed. With a deck at the top and bottom, drivers use it to haul freight that a standard flatbed cannot accommodate, usually due to height restrictions.
  • Dry Van Trailer – This type of trailer not only transports goods but also protects them due to the enclosed sides.
  • Removable Gooseneck – For long and tall freight, this trailer is an excellent choice. Because the front detaches, a driver can drop it when needing a ramp. By increasing the number of axles, this trailer can haul shipments up to 150,000 pounds.
  • Stretch – The stretch trailer can haul extra-long freight. It also works great for heavier loads when adding more axles.
  • Lowboy – Generally, a lowboy trailer hauls taller freight. However, it also works incredibly well when hosteling freight within a freight yard or between loading docks.
  • Refrigerated – As implied, a refrigerated trailer has temperature control. Regardless of the outside conditions, the interior maintains the desired temperature.

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