Urgent Delivery? Hot Shot Trucking May Provide the Answer

Even though Hot Shot trucking is still a relatively small section of the transportation industry, its market share has steadily grown in recent years. Hot Shot trucking originated from the need for shippers to move freight cost-effectively, quicker, and with less hassle. As a result, the steady increase in market share has seen the establishment of many Hot Shot trucking companies.

What Is Hot Shot Trucking?

This shipping venture is generally done by independent Hot Shot trucking companies. Often Hot Shot freight comprises expedited deliveries that are needed at their destinations within the shortest time possible. When choosing this option, ensure you are employing Hot Shot trucking companies that are flexible and come with independent contractors that can provide quicker response times. Ideally, they should also offer more personalized trucking services. With a streamlined setup, expedited shipping companies can reduce transportation costs when compared to more complex options requiring sophisticated logistics and extensive planning.

Hot Shot Trucking vs. Expedited

As much as these terms are often used interchangeably, they don’t have the same meaning. In simple terms, Hot Shot truckers haul lighter less-than-truckload freight, operate smaller rigs, and offer time-sensitive and more flexible services compared to their truck counterparts. This gives them a gross weight of between 10,000 and 26,000 pounds.

There are several similarities shared by expedited and Hot Shot trucking service sectors. However, as the name suggests, expedited trucking is inclined towards ultra-time-sensitive freight. Even though there are exceptions, operators in expedited trucking don’t use combination vehicles. Instead, they often use sprinter, cargo-style vans, straight-trucks and dry vans.

Types of Trucks and Trailers

When it comes to Hot Shot trucking, any pickup truck can be used. It is upon the business to decide what size and type of vehicle suit their operations best. The weight of the load also plays a role in determining the vehicle that will be used. Many Hot Shot Freight companies prefer to use trailers that accommodate larger load sizes and there are also plenty of options to choose from.

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