Ways to Reduce Cost of Trade Show Shipping in the USA

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The good news is that by using our services at MGA International Logistics, you already receive high caliber service at a competitive rate. However, for trade show shipping in the USA and Canada, there are ways to reduce cost even more.

Reducing Cost

To highlight products and/or services, trade shows are highly effective. With trade shows, you interact and engage with the audience, which in turn provides an excellent sales platform. Simply put, trade shows provide you with an opportunity to spend valuable one-on-one time with buyers. As a result, there is potential to boost sales and profit. However, trade shows are usually a big financial undertaking.

Costs come from renting booth space, time invested in planning, the expense of materials and merchandise, and of course, having everything you need shipped from the point of origin to the trade show location. To reduce costs of trade show shipping in the USA, our professional team at MGA International Logistics has a reputation for being creative.

  • Measure and Weigh – MGA International Logistics measures and weighs each item to keep costs exact. Overestimating both measurement and weight of trade show freight will definitely lead to an increase in the cost of shipping.
  • Dense Crate or Palette – Rather than charge by weight, many companies use the size of freight. To reduce costs, we pack boxes and build crates/palettes tall opposed to using separate ones whenever possible. To ensure freight is tall and strong, we tightly wrap industrial plastic cellophane around crates/palettes.

Shipping Cases – In the end, shipping cases saves money. For more valuable or fragile pieces of merchandise, equipment, and other items needed for the trade show, shipping cases are strong and protective, resulting in less chance of damage.

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