What Are the Safety Concerns Addressed With Lowboy Trailers?

A lowboy trailer, which some people also call a float or low loader, is a trailer that has two height drops along the trailer’s length. One of the drops is before the rear wheels, while another drop is behind the front of the trailer. A lowboy can carry a load as high as 12 feet tall, which is more than a conventional trailer allows. Lowboy trailers can be used to haul large pieces of construction equipment that would not typically clear the bridges on the highways. You can haul 10 to 100 tons of cargo on one of these. When you are working with lowboy trucking companies, there are certain safety considerations you should keep in mind.

Load Securement

When you have one of these trailers, securing the load is one of the most important steps. If a driver does not completely center the load and keep it there, it might shift a bit and unbalance the entire rig. That will make it harder to control the rig, and the truck could jackknife.

Stopping in Time

Drivers also need to pay attention to the parking brakes and regular brakes when carrying a load. If the brakes fail, the results may be disastrous. That is why lowboy trucking companies remind their drivers to often check the brakes when hauling cargo.

However, the dangers are not just there when the trailer is moving. Many injuries and accidents can happen while people are unloading or loading the trailer. Accidents happen most often around the winches and ramps. Without the right care, workers may get crushed while unloading or loading the lowboy. That is why you want to choose a lowboy trucking service provider that only loads or unloads a lowboy on level ground only.

Properly Loading and Unloading

There are some safety considerations when it comes to deciding how to load or unload a lowboy trailer. A company can do this over the front, sides, or back. If you do it over the back, the driver will move the load over the tires and in the trailer’s well. This is tricky if the trailer is not as wide as the load.

It is also difficult to load over the front or side. While many trailers have removable ramps, this is not always the case. When you choose a lowboy truck transport service, make sure the drivers check the load at each stop.

Choose the Right Lowboy Trucking Company

Driving a lowboy trailer takes experience and skill. That’s why you should only work with expert lowboy truck transport service providers. They know how to keep your load safe to prevent financial losses. To learn more about lowboy trucking, contact MGA International Logistics today.

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