What Are the Various LTL Carriers and What Are They Used For?

Less-than-Truck-Load (LTL) shipping services are a type of shipping service that caters to customers wanting to transport relatively light loads (10,000 pounds or less) or cargo that would not fill a full trailer. Many LTL shipping operations offer lower costs, especially when the LTL company engages in cost-cutting measures that promote competitive bidding. The combination of low pricing and high quality of service that LTL carriers provide is why MGA International prides itself on both partnering with LTL trucking companies and maintaining its own in-company local LTL operations.

National LTL Carriers

National LTL carriers provide shipping services throughout the entire country. They use a combination of terminals, drivers, and third-party subcontractors to ship to and from virtually any location in the contiguous nation. National LTL carriers are a good choice for companies that want to minimize the number of shipping partners they hire and for companies who seek lower shipping prices.

Multi-Regional LTL Carriers

Multi-regional LTL carriers operate in several areas as opposed to the entire nation. Multi-regional LTL carriers are a good option for companies whose target audience is a small group of connected states or provinces.

Regional LTL Carriers

Regional LTL carriers operate in a limited area, though they typically compensate for their small area of coverage with a more comprehensive operating network. Companies with a limited targeted customer base and customers seeking low costs and high quality of service should consider hiring a regional LTL carrier.

Sub-regional LTL Carriers

Sub-regional LTL carriers operate in a specific geographical area within a region. Sub-regional LTL carriers work well for cargo that does not need to travel long distances and for highly-competitive pricing.

Asset-Light LTL Carriers

Asset-Light LTL carriers are companies with a small workforce and vehicular fleet. Asset-Light LTL carriers rent or borrow terminals from larger LTL companies and sub-contract parts of their routes to smaller LTL companies. Companies with low shipping budgets and cargo that is not time-intensive might consider asset-light LTL carriers due to their low costs.

Load-to-Ride LTL Carriers

Load-to-Ride LTL carriers transport cargo from multiple customers on each truck. Load-to-Ride LTL carriers are a potential option for customers who require cheap long-distance shipping in the absence of time restraints.

Reefer LTL Carriers

Reefer LTL carriers are a subset of load-to-ride LTL carriers that specialize in temperature-sensitive freight. Reefer LTL carriers ship cargo from multiple customers on each vehicle if their acceptable temperature ranges have adequate overlap. Customers seeking budget-friendly temperature-regulated shipments could consider hiring a Reefer LTL carrier.

MGA International partners with multiple reliable LTL trucking companies to complement our shipping coverage and services. In addition to our third-party partners, our company operates its own local Less-than-Truck-Load shipping fleet and a warehouse to supplement our shipping efforts. We pride ourselves on inexpensive, quick, professional deliveries. Please feel free to contact us by filling out our online form or calling us at (844) 334-0039.

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