What to Look for Before Hiring Heavy Hauler Trucking Companies

Heavy haul loads are classified as anything over-dimensional or overweight, meaning they exceed the standard legal size or weight for the roads traveled. If you need help with this type of service, start by identifying reputable heavy hauler trucking companies. That way, you can choose a company that uses the appropriate trucks and trailers and offers expertise in moving freight in an efficient and safe manner.

Heavy haul companies are often mandated to travel only on highways. For that reason, they should have knowledge of the best and most cost-effective routes. Since the company that you hire will be responsible for transporting your high-dollar freight, you have to feel 100 percent confident in your choice. For heavy equipment hauling in Ontario, consider the following factors in finding a company specialized in heavy haul.

  • Regulatory RequirementsHeavy haul companies are heavily regulated. As the customer, you have the right to question or conduct research to make sure they follow these requirements. Other than a few exceptions, Canadian and U.S. trucking rules are almost identical. For information, visit the websites for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the U.S. Department of Transportation, or Motor Carrier Safety in Canada.
  • Safety and Insurance – For heavy loads, insurance and safety are essential. Although rare, accidents occur, so for companies of interest, verify that they have a strong safety record. To protect your freight in the event of an accident, also confirm the type and amount of insurance coverage provided. While slightly more expensive, full value insurance is the best option.
  • Capability – As part of your research, make sure the companies are capable of handling your load, including type, weight, and size. The company that you hire must be capable of making it through a specific incline or some other obstacle along the route.
  • Transparency – It is important to hire a transparent company, meaning it is honest and open about everything. The company should provide you with straightforward answers and offer everything in writing.
  • Hauling Cost – The price of heavy hauling services is another criterion but not necessarily the most important. To get the most bang for your buck, choose a company that specializes in heavy freight hauling based on your type of shipment and the route.

Regardless if you need standard freight or heavy hauling services, our team of experts at MGA International can help. Visit our website to learn about our full line of trucking services or contact a company representative today.

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