What Technology is Important in Today’s LTL Industry?

When it comes to shipping various goods, you need the best resources to make it happen. Less than truckload shipping makes it easy for you to transport smaller shipments from point A to point B. However, what is being used to ensure that small shipment is not lost? Are there are any tools to keep it safe?

Technology is drastically changing the LTL industry and how an LTL local trucking company completes business. Let’s take a look at some of the technology that is important in this industry and how it is making transportation of goods a much smoother process.

Electronic Tracking Devices

Paper tracking used to be the only method available to track all orders and shipments. Unfortunately, this came with many risks. Paper could become lost or misplaced. Plus, it was a safety concern as unwanted eyes could easily get their hands onto it. Today, many LTL trucks will boast some type of electronic tracking device. This not only improves the safety and the organization of a company but it improves the accuracy as well. It allows for easier collaboration and makes recording and processing shipments less time consuming.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are not only becoming popular in a plethora of industries but in the trucking industry as well. There are apps available to help streamline the shipment process and are ideal for each individual involved in the shipment process. For example, there are apps for faster shipment tracking and that focus specifically on a company’s own freight. Many drivers utilize apps to help them receive directions and to find the fastest route to deliver loads.

For shippers, mobile apps are also powerful pieces of technology. It can help them track and follow their loads, be alerted almost instantly of delayed shipments, etc. Ideally, these apps are to help the shipper, driver, and the entire logistics team of LTL trucking companies and prevent as many issues and hiccups that may occur.

Digital Real-time Alerts

Technology is helping cut out all the phone calls and the worry that comes with large shipments. It can provide real-time updates and let shippers know immediately when problems have occurred and when the delivery has been received. This not only provides some peace of mind but it also improves the tracking and business records of the shipper.

Technology is advancing at incredible rates and improving many industries and companies including a less-than-truckload shipping company. If you are interested in shipping small loads with companies that utilize the most up-to-date technologies, contact MGA International Logistics today. They can answer all of your questions and show you how they can make sure your shipments arrive on time and with few problems.

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