What Would It Look Like If Truckers Stopped Trucking?

You might not realize it, but the world depends on the trucking industry. According to the Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association, more than 90 percent of consumer products and foods in Canada move by truck. The effects of the industry ending would be drastic. There have already been examples on a smaller scale of what could happen when truckers have gone on strikes. If all cargo shipping companies were to cease operation today, gas stations, hospitals, grocery stores, ATMs, and even your trash can would suffer effects.

The First Day

Hospitals depend on international freight companies to deliver supplies every single day. Hospitals require a large volume of supplies, which is why they have even basic supplies, such as syringes, delivered every day. Of course, some medications would run out within the day.

Mail and packages would also suffer effects on the first day. Grocery stores and gas stations would also begin to run out of supplies. Both depend on supplies coming in every day. A side effect would be consumer panic as shelves started to empty. As the shortages continue, civil unrest might begin.

The Next Two to Three Days

If international shipping companies continued to not function, food shortages would occur. Three days is a long time for grocery stores to go without food, and consumers would strip the remaining essentials, such as canned food.

The consumer panic would lead to supplies at other facilities dwindling much faster. The fuel at gas stations would run out, while ATMs would be cashless. Garbage would begin to pile up instead of going to landfills. This would cause vermin, microorganisms, and toxins to breed near people, introducing infectious diseases to the population.

The Next Week

The situation would become dire after a week if cargo shipping companies did not start operating again. Without a source of fuel, businesses and people would run out of gas. Many types of transportation, such as trains, airplanes, and cars, would no longer function. Because most people would not be able to get to work, the economy would suffer increased damage. Hospitals would begin to use up their supplies of oxygen within about a week to a week and a half.

Within Two Weeks

Perhaps the most alarming part is that clean drinking water would run out in two weeks. Water treatment facilities depend on trucks to deliver purification chemicals every week. The facilities could not provide drinkable water without it.

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