Why Does the Density of Freight Matter in LTL Shipping?

You might remember from physics that density refers to how tight material is. That explains why a plastic toy floats while rocks sink. But density is also important to LTL trucking companies for several reasons.

About Freight Density

This is the weight of a shipment compared to its size. If you have a low-density shipment, it usually has a higher classification. For a denser shipment, you will have a lower classification. Once a company has determined your shipment’s class, you can factor that into the shipment’s total cost. Sometimes, it is more important to know the density than the shipment’s weight, so accurate calculations are important.

Calculating the Density

When looking at your shipment’s class, density is one of the most important factors. It can set the classification range. You will divide the item’s total weight by the cubic feet. You can also use a density calculator to simplify the process.

You need to have accurate measurements and a reliable scale when you are calculating the density. This includes packaging. Measure from the largest points on the package. It is likely that the density before packing your freight does not equal the final shipment.

Once you have assigned a freight class to the shipment, you can then place this on your bill of lading (BOL). When you have an accurate less than truckload shipping density, you can use the BOL with a higher degree of confidence. That way, you can avoid any fines that might result from inaccurate measurements.

Why This Matters to LTL Trucking Companies?

The density of your shipment is not only important to a shipper. It is also important for regional carriers. And for LTL carriers, the density is critical. They often have to travel longer routes, which means they want to maximize the space on their vehicles. They need to know the density in order to do this. Any wasted space means that they are losing money.

Where Can I Find LTL Trucking Companies Near Me?

The density of your shipment is vital when it comes to LTL carriers. We have been a trusted provider for less than truckload shipping for over two decades. We specialize in this area, and our experienced team can easily manage your items to ensure that they arrive on time.

You can stop searching “LTL trucking companies near me.” We offer a strong carrier partnership and prioritise tracking your items to ensure they do not get lost. We can also consolidate your shipments if you need and if it is a practical solution. Feel free to reach out to MGA International Logistics today to learn more about our services.

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