Why Is Trucking an Essential Service in the Global Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic is a health threat like no other that the modern world has seen before. Now, the trucking industry is more essential than ever. After every natural disaster, trucks proved to be one of the most efficient methods of delivering equipment and supplies to different companies. Local trucking companies have been at the heart of the North American way of life.

Disease Control

Trucking is one of the most important methods of transporting freight in countries such as Canada and the United States. For the coronavirus pandemic, trucks play a big role in collecting and delivering life-saving health care supplies. They transport a wide range of medical products, from the much-needed masks to medication to hospital equipment. There are other things that LTL trucking companies deliver as well, including:

  • Vaccines
  • Household cleaners and disinfectants
  • Water, food, and other medical supplies
  • Lightweight and medical-grade surgical masks

Freight carriers are at the core of the world’s supply chain. Without regular and less than truckload shipping, the fight against the coronavirus would not go well. Not only is it a business need to keep trucks moving, but it is also vital for fighting the global pandemic.

Safety for Truck Drivers

It is more important than ever for truckers to keep the supply chain operating. Right now, it is vital for truck drivers to remain safe and healthy. They are among the silent heroes today. Because of their dedication and hard work, people can continue to stay clothed, fed, and sheltered. There are several ways drivers for local trucking companies can ensure they remain safe and healthy.

Maintaining good hygiene is the most important step. Using hand sanitizer before getting back into the truck and frequent hand washing are both vital. It is also a good idea to limit contact with others, such as those at truck stops and loading docks. Additionally, drivers can wipe down the cab with disinfectant frequently.

Many drivers use truck stops to replenish, rest, and refuel. They should remember to avoid getting too close to people at these rest stops. Instead, taking a solo walk outdoors around the area is better than congregating with other drivers.

Turn to a Trusted Less Than Truckload Shipping Company

Here at MGA International Logistics, we recognize how heroic truckers are when it comes to keeping the supply chain moving. During this time of extreme crisis, we need truckers more than ever to restock grocery stores and transport life-saving supplies. Our company cares about helping truck drivers stay safe. If you need your shipments delivered in a timely manner, turn to our team of talented logistics personnel. Contact us today to learn more.

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