Why Oversize Loads Are Challenging to Transport

Trucks and trailers work to transport all kinds of goods from different businesses around the country each day. These goods may include boxes to machinery to oversize equipment that requires special trucks to transport. The trucks need to have the right load balancing and support to meet legal requirements. These requirements make oversize loads difficult to transport. The good news is that oversize trucking companies can help.

What Is an Oversize Load?

An oversize load, also known as an over-dimensional load, is a large freight that truck drivers cannot divide into smaller loads. This may be because the freight is too tall, wide, or long. Trailer homes, equipment, and industrial supplies are examples of freight that oversize load companies can accommodate.

States and Provinces may have a different set of rules for oversize load trucking companies. For example, some states may consider a load oversized, while other states may not consider the load oversized. If a state considers a load oversized, then there are challenges that you may face when shipping this load.

Travel Escorts

For oversize trucking companies who are transporting large loads, they may need a travel escort. The escort can let the driver know if there is traffic, construction, or another obstacle ahead. The escort can also alert other nearby drivers to the oversize load on the road. This can be a challenge for oversize load companies, especially on longer trips. The shipping company will need to pay for the accommodation of the escort during the trip.

Coordinating the Route

Most of the time, a truck with an oversized load is only allowed to travel half an hour before sunrise to half an hour after sunset. This can present more challenges in the winter when the daylight hours are shorter. All of the oversize load trucking companies will need to coordinate the right route to work around these restrictions.

Driving Slowly

Another challenge of oversize loads is that the drivers must go slowly compared to other trucks on the road. This will make the entire trip take longer. Inclines, inclement weather, and other potentially hazardous conditions require drivers to go even slower.

Choose One of the Top Oversize Load Trucking Companies

No matter what size of load you need to ship, it is important to turn to a trusted company. Here at MGA International Logistics, we take pride in partnering with the best oversize load companies. All our Carriers have trained their drivers to handle a variety of oversize loads so that you can have peace of mind that we will deliver your items in pristine condition. Contact us today to learn more about our services for oversize loads.

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