We have made several trips to Toronto for the 2013 PGA Championship and over the course of those trips we have gotten to know the principles of this organization well. They are headquartered in Toronto and are great people. If you need to reach out to them, ask for Greg or Brad Grimes and let them know you heard of them through this note and they will take good care of you.

- Ryan Cannon (Championship Director, 2013 PGA Championship)


Choosing Flatbed Truck Shipping

Flatbed truck shipping is a popular and in-demand service. However, compared to other shipping options, flatbed transportation is unique. Using this method of shipping is beneficial in a number of ways beyond being cost-efficient and convenient. Benefits of Flatbed Truck Shipping Flatbed trucks have no walls or roof, leaving only [...]

International Shipping Secrets – Choosing a Logistics Company

International shipping companies are vital for shipping goods to foreign countries. As part of their responsibility, overseas shipping companies deal with very strict laws and customs. When hiring a reputable logistics company, much of the hard work is done for you. Shipping overseas companies must adhere to very different rules [...]

Where to Find the Best Trucking Company

When searching for top-rated trucking companies, you have several good options. Although you can always pull up a list of local trucking companies and choose blindly, it is better to know what to look for so that you select a company that best suits your specific needs. It is true [...]

The Importance of International Logistics Company

An international logistics company plays a vital role in transportation. This type of company is responsible for planning, implementing, and controlling both information and physical materials and goods going from one point to another. The company’s supply chain crosses, at a minimum, one international border. Managing the Supply Chain People [...]

What are Trade Show Transportation Services?

Just as the name implies, trade show transportation services involve both the logistics and transportation of merchandise, equipment, and other items specifically used for trade shows. Running trade shows is a big job, consisting of display booths of varying sizes, banners, structural units, printed materials, merchandise, and more. Because there [...]

Ways to Reduce Cost of Trade Show Shipping in the USA

The good news is that by using our services at MGA International Logistics, you already receive high caliber service at a competitive rate. However, for trade show shipping in the USA and Canada, there are ways to reduce cost even more. Reducing Cost To highlight products and/or services, trade shows [...]

Tips for Comparing Trucking Transportation Companies

Due to the serious nature of logistics and transportation, you never want to make a fast decision. Instead, spend adequate time comparing trucking transportation companies to ensure you hire the one that best serves your needs. Obviously, affordability is a major consideration but hiring the right company goes beyond the [...]

Steel Coil Flatbed Trucking and Transport Services by MGA

At MGA International Logistics, we offer a wide range of services to include steel coil flatbed trucking and transport. This is important to know since there are risks on the road for drivers who haul steel, to include dropped loads, which occurs because of a jackknife, improper securement, rollover, or [...]

Standards of Performance for Trade Show Shipping Services

As part of trade show shipping services, a set of performance standards were established to create a uniform code of conduct, as well as professional ethics for all logistics and transportation companies hired to pick up, deliver, and handle materials relating to trade shows and exhibits in the United States. [...]

Effective Management of Trade Show Freight Carriers

Reputable logistics and transportation companies do far more than what most people think. In fact, the primary reason that certain trade show freight carriers like MGA International Logistics is so successful has to do with meticulous management and careful planning of your critical items. As someone who participates in major [...]